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56154 Boppard

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The central Rhine Valley offers a variety of objects of interest and trip goals, which make it possible to arrange a great stay. Received castles and abbeys with Roman and medieval objects of interest let you dive into Boppards historical past. During the high season the city presents cure-concerts in the open air or wine-tours of the middle-rhine with following wine tasting. Experience trips with the aerial ropeway to the unique four-sea-view or ship travels to the Loreley and let yourselve be enchanted by the dinner of our chef de cuisine. Gladly we arrange an individual program for you and your group!
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Deutsches Eck, Koblenz In addition the charmful central Rhine landscape offers numerous trip possibilities outside of Boppard. Gladly we prepare a visit of the volcanic park for you in Plaidt or in the abbey Maria Laach. And by unique traffic facilities in all directions exciting daily routes to Koblenz, Bonn, Cologne, Mainz, Frankfurt and even to Luxembourg can be arranged - we gladly help to find the fastest routes and the most beautiful objects of interest for you.
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Stolzenfels See an exciting eagle- or falconshow in the castle "Maus" or connect a beautiful shipping tour on the Rhine with a visit of the underground mines on the castle "Rheinfels". Also very worth seeing is the castle "Stolzenfels".

We gladly organize trips to impressively received knight's halls, armors and castle kitchens on the only received highcastle "Marksburg" or a great family trip to the "Ehrenburg" with its unique leisure offering for you.

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The central location of Boppard makes fantastic ship travels on three rivers possible:
On Rhine, Lahn & Mosel you experience unforgettable steamship trips and discover the romantic Rhine Valley in a completely new way. Fireworkshiptravels offer the possibility of being entchanted by spectacular fireworks while going past the uniqe tourist sights and splendid castles. Or you visit the "Deutsche Eck" in Koblenz by ship, the Asbach distillery in Rüdesheim or the most impressive castles and abbey of the entire central Rhine.
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