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Dear Guest!

we try to form your stay as comfortable as possible... Thats why you should know wich performances we produce, for what we answer and wich liabilities you have opposite us..
Please take the following general terms and conditions into account, wich organizes the contract relationship between you and us in the mutual interest, and wich you appreciate with the booking.

1. Completion of a contract
1.1.The contract is concluded if the draft contracts of the two sides were signed legally binding or as soon as the rooms or other performances are booked and promised or provided, if a promise is no longer possible for time reasons.
1.2. Thje service provision gets carried out, on basis of the general terms and conditions, genera1 terms and conditions of guests can´t get appreciated.
1.3. One under or further letting requires the written consent of the hotel for third parties at one.
1.4 If third one has ordered for a customer , he is liable to the hotel opposite with the customer as a joint debtor . The hotel can ask an adequate cash in advance of the customer or of the third party .
1.5. Groups and tour operators have to make the detailed participant list available until three weeks before arrival.

1.6. the divergent contents of the confirmation for the guest and for the hotel get obligatory the contents of the reservation confirmation of the contents of the registration then if the guest does not make use to the confirmation of the offered right of withdrawal within 10 days after admission off.
1.7. Limitation period is 6 months for all claims of the guest and starts with the return of the room or event rooms.

2. Arrival and departure
2.1. As far as there is no contrary agreement, the room cover is not possible on the journey day before 14.50 hours. The room return has to be carried out not later than 11.00 hours on the departure day. After that the hotel can bill for 50% of the full lodgings price until 16.00 hours as of 16.00 hours 100%. It is up to the customer to prove, that no-one or a considerably lower damage has resulted for the hotel.
2.2. Reserved rooms which are not obtained not later than 18.00 hours of the journey day can be allocated by the hotel elsewhere. This is not valid provided that a later journey particularly was agreed on. .

3. Performances and prices
3.1.Price agreed on and the performances of the hotel arise from the reservation confirmation. Provided that the reservation was not confirmed, the valid ones are for hotel prices for this season. The prices include operation money and value added tax. Changes the VAT, after conclusion of contract, then change the agreed prices.
3.2. The customer is obliged to pay the prices of the hotel which are for the performances taken up by him being valid or agreed. This also applies to performances and display arranged for by the customer to third parties.
3.3. Divergently the one between the customer and the hotel of legally binding contract entered into the prices agreed on are the result and agreed on performances from.
3.4. If the value added tax changes after completion of a contract, then the prices agreed on change correspond.
3.4. The time period exceeds between standing degree and event. Or room booking 4 months, and the price charged by the hotel for such performances generally increases, the hotel can do this one by contract so agreed adequately, at the most, however, raise by 10%.
3.5. furthermore the prices can be changed by the hotel if the customer this one afterwards wishes booked room, the performances of the hotel or length of stay changes and the hotel agrees with him.
The prices agreed on and capacities apply 3.6 to legally binding contracts with a temporary running time only for the term of the contract agreed on.

4. Payments
4.1. For the reservation an adequate cash in advance can be required of the hotel at completion of a contract or after that. The amount of the cash in advance and the date for payment are agreed on in writing in the contract.
4.2. If cash in advance was not paid in within two weeks after request on the account of the hotel, then the hotel is entitled to the contract resignation. The resignation must immediately be informed about.
4.3. nothing else has been agreed on in writing between the partner, the payment/payment of the balance is carried out on the departure at the latest if.
Within 14 days as of invoice copy or date, the customer has the invoice issued to him on without discount provided that an agreement on the payment was reached against payment, to settle
Case is not 4.4 at delay in payment to calculate the hotel justifiable, interest in the amount of 5% above the respective Federal Bank discount rate unite the hotel high or the guest proves a low Verzugschaden.
4.5. a reminder in the amount of €5.00 lifted up becomes reminders according to delay admission for everybody.
4.6. refund of performances not taken up is not possible.

5. th resignation, cancellation, cancellation by the customer.
5.1. a resignation of the contract must be informed about into in writing and requires the written consent of the hotel.
5.2. are not carried out this is then the guest if he does not take up contractual performances obligedly, this one agreed to pay the hotel services in return. This is not valid in cases of the performance delay of the hotel or an impossibility of the delivery to be held of it.
5.3. a right to the resignation was agreed on in writing, the customer can step down by date set without triggering payment or damage compensation entitlements of the hotel provided that. The right of withdrawal expires if the customer does not explain the resignation opposite the hotel by date set.
5.4. the followings apply cancellation to room/events for reservations by tour operators, travel agencies? Umbestellungsfristen which are understandable in the terms and conditions for tour operators.

6.1. The hotel is authorized to step down for relevantly justified bottom of the contract particularly if 6th resignation by the hotel. Circumstances to be not represented 6.12 acts of god or others of the hotel without doing without a failure damage arising approximately do not make the performance of a contract to 6.13 by no means the hotel has a well-founded reason for the acceptance modernly come in 6.11 requested cash in advance, that 6.14 events are booked under a misleading or false detail of an essential fact of e.g. the organizer or point claims on the hotel performance, by name the event provided by the hotel, the smooth expiry they can endanger the business activity, the safety and/or the reputation of the hotel.
6.2 was, reached a written agreement on the right of withdrawal with the customer by a particular date the hotel at the time by this date is so to the resignation justifiable provided that right of withdrawal does not do without be open enquiries from other customers on question of the hotel.
No claim to compensation is entitled to the customer 6.3 in the case of the justifiable resignation by the hotel.

7. Liability
7.1. The hotel is liable to the customer after the regulations of the civil code. Its liability for the fault of legal representatives is, though and restricts debtor's agents to the case of firm intention and gross negligence of these persons.
7.2 The liability is excluded if the objects left in rooms remain unlocked. The guest has the possibility of submitting values to the reception. Money can openly be deposited against receipt.
7.3. of the organizers/customers is liable for losses or damages on a full scale which have been caused by employee, helpers or event participant as well like for losses and damages which he has caused himself.
7.4. on the whole the hotel obtains from outside performances, technical and other furnishings for the guest of third parties, it trades in the name and open invoice of the guest. The guest exempts the hotel from all claims of third parties from cession of these facilities.
7.5. the hotel is not liable for accidents at leisure programs of every manner unless the hotel acts roughly negligently or deliberately.

8.Other Terms
8.1. the animals may be brought along according to a previous consent of the hotel. Rate 5,00 per pet/night. Animals may not be brought along in rooms with food and drink giving.
The hotel will fulfill 8.2 bread roll orders with greatest possible care. Damage compensation entitlements from a faulty fulfillment are excluded.
8.3. information is given after the best conscience. No damage compensation entitlements are excluded also here.
8.4. lost property is forwarded only on enquiry. You are kept in the hotel for six months.
The hotel deals with 8.5 news, mail and trade samples for guests with greatest possible care. The storage, delivery and after-shipment is taken on against cost substitute refund and on an express request. A liability for loss, delay or damage is excluded, however.
8.6. the hotel is not liable for the performances of the hotels arranged by them.

9.End regulations
9.1. the correction of mistakes as well as pressure and miscalculations is left.
9.2. divergent agreements or verbal supplementary agreements require the in writing to their effectiveness. You get only effective if they are confirmed by the hotel in writing. This also applies to the Abbedingung of the in writing requirement.
9.3. for disputes from this contract and its fulfillment is as far as permitted, agree on the responsibility of the court legally at the headquarters of the hotel.
9.4. the ineffectiveness of single terms of the contract or these conditions touches.


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